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Matteo Mancuso

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Matteo Mancuso: Guitars
Stefano India: Bass
Giuseppe Bruno: Drums
Riccardo Oliva: Bass on “Falcon Flight” and “Samba Party”
Gianluca Pellerito: Drums on “Falcon Flight” and “Samba Party”
Giuseppe Vasapolli: Piano on “Polifemo” and Organ on “Blues For John”
Vincenzo Mancuso: Acoustic guitar on “The Journey”


Recorded by Vincenzo Mancuso at “fico d’india studios” Casteldaccia, Sicily


Mixed by Andrea Secchi and mastered by Carmine Simeone at Forward Studios, Grottaferrata, Rome


All songs by Matteo Mancuso except for “Polifemo” and “Blues For John” written by Vincenzo and Matteo Mancuso

Label: Mascot Label Group

01 - Silkroad
02 - Polifemo
03 - Falcon Flight
04 - Open Field
05 - Drop D.
06 - Blues For John
07 - Time To Leave
08 - Samba Party
09 - The Journey

Matteo Mancuso – The Journey

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New album

Release 30 June 2023
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