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Matteo Mancuso playing with his unique fingerstyle

Matteo Mancuso
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Matteo Mancuso relaxing and looking at camera


In a very short time, the name of Matteo Mancuso has traveled round the globe. His unique guitar technique has caused astonishment with its clarity and precision, as has his capacity to traverse different musical genres with total ease. 

Welcome to Matteo Mancuso Official Website.

The Journey Album Cover

Matteo Mancuso – The Journey

New album

Italy Release (CD/LP) 30 June 2023,
World Release (CD/LP/Digital) 21 July 2023


Matteo Mancuso’s unique finger-style right hand technique, has been making waves in the music industry with his captivating performances and mesmerizing music. Matteo is endorsing various music equipment, including guitars, digital amp modeling and effects by Line6, that he uses exclusively during his performances and recordings. 
It is a tribute to their quality and efficiency while he keeps on researching his uniqueness as a musician.

Yamaha, JTC Guitar, LAB Audio Technology, Dogal Strings, Line 6, Bacci Guitars.

While he may not use a guitar pick, Mancuso's music has certainly picked up the attention of music enthusiasts worldwide.
Someone says that his talent speaks for itself, but it is no secret that Matteo's success is the result of his hard-working attitude and his continuous experimental music research.